Out of Office/Vacation Reply

I’m looking for a way that users can set their own vacation/out of office replies. I’ve looked around in the control panel and in SquirrelMail, but I haven’t found anyhting yet. I’ve used Horde/Imp on some other hosts and know it has the ability to set vacation messages, however I don’t really want to install Horde if I can help it.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I’d prefer something that the user could do themselves (i.e. via a webpage)?


They can do this on the webmail login page, with the “Visit https://mailboxes.hospicecareonline.org/ to manage your mailbox settings (set up filters, change your password, etc…)” link at the bottom.

edit: yeah, it is pretty easy to miss, no biggie.

Thanks. Completely missed that handy little link. I blame the lack of coffee! :wink: