Our server down 3 times in a month

I’m writing because I am very, very upset at DreamHost. We have been customers for over a year, and in the last month, our server has been down 3 times. Mind you, we run an internet business, so our server is our lifeline.

I thought that being a hosting company, the basic service would be to keep the servers running. I am shocked that the servers go down at all.

There is no compensation possible for the time lost and the opportunity spent.

If you are considering DreamHost, and are looking for a serious hosting company, I’d stay far away from here. We unfortunately have tons of apps running on our account, and domains tied to them, so we are stuck with these them.

I cannot believe this, what an obsurd way to run a business.

I’m sorry, I missed what you wanted help with. You’ve provided no information to help diagnose the problem.

If your server is your lifeline, then it’d be worth it to purchase dedicated hosting from one of the major providers of that service. That will prevent other users on the same machine from killing your server.


Or at least buy a VPS there are cheap deals on the net that gives you a increible uptime… of course you admin all the services… and there are managed vps, but the price goes up… The server where I had my sites here on DH has been rebooted 3 times last month, two of my sites where offline for 5 to 10 minutes several times last month… but for me it’s ok.

You need better uptime, put your wallet on it.

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