Our email has been down for 24 hours with no help


If you are looking into getting on board with DreamHost, I would stay away from it. They claim to be the best at what they do, and have not had that experience since I started using them over 6 months ago. I’ve used many hosting services in the past, and I’m afraid to say that even 1&1 is almost better. Yuck.

My company transferred the domain we had with DreamHost away from DreamHost, but keep our email with them. I have requested support for over 24 hours as to how to point our MX records over (which address to use) and how to configure our POP and SMTP since our mail.ourdomain.com is no longer configured with the new host. Our email has been down for 24 hours, we have sent in multiple “OMH, PEOPLE ARE DYING” tickets, and have not heard from them. I don’t abuse the system, and have never used that top-priority bug submission before, but it’s useless anyhow.

If anyone has any ideas on what MX record we should use to point the email back to DreamHost, and how to reconfigure our POP and SMTP, it would be great.

I’m very disappointed by DreamHost and would recommend anyone thinking of using them to go in another direction.

  1. Do you still have the hosting plan with DreamHost? If you have removed the hosting plan, the email service will be removed as well.

  2. I found an article in this forum. Basically you can try to query your own domain and get the IP address. This is the address you should point your MX record to. I should warn you that IP address may change after a while since we are in shared server.

Good luck!

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These statements don’t seem to be consistent to me. If you transferred your web hosting away from dreamhost but not your mail, then you shouldn’t have to make any changes whatsoever.

If you transferred your nameservers away and have deleted all hosting for your domains here, then you’re in trouble because by doing so, you’ve deleted your email here as well.

How are you accessing your email? Are you using webmail, in which case… Hey wait a minute! That thread that patricktan referenced is your crossposted thread (for today) for advice on how to undo the mess that got created when you switched hosting over to your new host!

I’m going to go over and reply in the original thread for actually helping you!

OB on-topic: It’s unfortunate that you’ve had such a bad experience. When you say “1&1 is almost better”, at least you’re saying that it’s not better. :slight_smile: Anyway, my experience here has been good, though I’m sure your experience here has unfortunately been less stellar than mine. One general cautionary note for people is to ask for help from their peers here on the forums before they undertake major actions with their hosting account rather than after. Crises are a lot easier to deal with before they’ve been created. :slight_smile:

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BTW, you didn’t happen to have your support email address set to your domain email, did you? I did that once and it was obviously a big mistake as I’d have trouble getting ticket responses when I screwed up my mail configuration. (silly me!)

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