OTRS / Trouble Ticketing

Has anyone managed to install OTRS (http://www.otrs.org) or another open-source trouble ticketing package in a DreamHost account?

I am about to switch to tracking all tasks for my clients with a system like this.

I’d really like to know the answer to this as well. Did you ever get an answer / figure anything out?

I have installed a package or two that had ticketing features (phpgroupware) but no dedicated ticket system stand alone. You can vote for something to be added by DH through your panel, I know that I spent points voting for RT as it is completely fabulous. Sorry this is not much help.


Totally off-topic, but what the hell do people like about RT? The place I’m working right now uses it and I find it falls somewhere between milding annoying and infuriating. Surely there is better software out there than this.

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

I had no problem installing and getting OTRS up and running.

Well that’s really helpful, thanks for your input. :confused: