Other ways of viewing stats?

I’m a bit of a stats freak so on some days, I’ll keep checking my site to see what the hits, bandwidth, where my site it being linked to etc etc. I was wondering if it was possible that when I go to “www.examplesite.com/stats” I could view the stats in a different way instead of the default. Before I came here, I used bluehost as my webhost and there was a bit where it could, “generate pretty stats” and I really liked the way if generated the stats.

Some people install awstats.


Or, there’s always raw logs, and custom analysis. :slight_smile:

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I use TraceWatch on some of my sites, which provides real-time stats.

I should note that it does require a line of PHP on each page to be monitored and it doesn’t play nice with the default DreamHost PHP5 install, but works fine under PHP4.

Edit: I have managed to get it working under PHP5, but it required a local copy of the PHP executable and slightly modified php.ini file.


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Yeah, AWstats is what I want. But I’m stumped on how to install it. Yeah, even the link you provided still confused me and I am still new to webdesigning and only just got my head round html

I have an AWstats package zipped and ready to go with INSTALL instructions: