osTicket - Not getting e-mails and no notifications sent to user


I am using osTicket v 1.9.1 on my DH account with PHP 5.4.

When someone sends a message to an e-mail address, it should:

  1. Create a ticket in the system, and
  2. The sender should receive an auto-reply with the ticket details.

Neither of those happen. I configured the e-mail settings in osTicket to:

Fetching E-mail via IMAP or POP

Status: Enable
Hostname: mail.mydomain.com
Port number: 993
Mailbox Protocol: IMAP+SSL
Fetch frequency: 4 minutes
E-mails per fetch: 10 e-mails
Fetched e-mails: ‘Move to folder: INBOX.Tickets’

Sending E-mail via SMTP

Status: Enable
Host name: mail.mydomain.com
Port number: 587
Authentication required: Yes
Header spoofing: (Not checked)

Can someone tell me what I might be doing wrong? Is there something else I should be doing?

Thank you


I have your exact same issue. I even upgraded osTicket just in case.

How did you resolve this please?