Osommerce..where'd it go?



Just wondering if there’s a reason that Zencart was made available instead of oscommerce.


I don’t think there was an official reason behind the switch, but basically OsCommerce is lame. As I unserstand it’s not standards compliant - and I know that it’s templating system is really confusing. So Oscommerce is out and Zen cart is in.



Oh definitely Ford wins that one. How about Star Trek vs. Star Wars?

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Whoa! I hadn’t noticed the switch. And a perfect change it is. ZenCart really is more user friendly, and has a lot more features with just a basic install. Oh, now if only we could go back in time… that one-click sure would have been nice a few months ago. ZenCart still does use tables for layout, which I see as a small problem- but workable.