Oscommerce or card facilities

anyone have experience with dreamhosts oscommerce setup or can recommend soemthing they have on their site now and links to where to purchase it

Ive spent way too much time on this already - any help from other customers would be greatly appreciated

yeah man word up

just installed oscommerce successfully two days ago, and it’s working great. what are the problems you’re having? if you post them perhaps we might be able to figure them out.

I upgraded my plan to include phone calls

  • where is the phone number? My panel says I have 0/3 calls left but I cant see a number on the site ANYWHERE

for a site that seems to have a knowledgebase bigger than encarta why isnt the phone number visible?

Those are call-backs. IOW, you can send a support ticket and request a return phone call. But, unless you have a dedicated server, DH will not give you a phone number.

I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.

You can request a callback, but there is no number to call. It states it quite clearly in the Control Panel. You were already told this in another thread, by the way.

Simon Jessey
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