Oscommerce.. can't delete some of the folders

i tried the oscommerce 1 click install thing… and i found i didn’t like it so i deleted the mysql database and then went on to delete the folder but it wouldn’t let me delete some of the folders let alone the whole thing… so how would i go about doing this?

Are the directories empty? Sometimes they contain hidden files (e.g. .htaccess) which need to be removed first before the directories can be deleted.
Do you have permission to remove the directories? If they are owned by root, you will need to contact Support to remove them for you.
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were you able to get these deleted by contacting DH? i have this same problem, although i never even got to the point where i could decide whether i like the oscommerce because it failed to connect to the database! but all the files are there, actually in two places because i tried again, and i can’t delete either of them. the phpBB thing failed to work as well, and now i have two directories that i can’t delete for that.