Oscommerce B2B configure.php problems


Hi all

I’m trying to install oscommerce B2B pro but right at the start it says the following files do not exist or are unwritable, seems to work fine on my other host but not on dreamhost ?



One or both of your configure.php files does not exist or is not writable. Please upload an empty configure.php to the server in the needed location. If you don’t know where to find this file or exactly what to do at this point, you can find professional installation support by chat or phone here: CRE Loaded Support



Maybe you have to give the full path to those files like:-


Or perhaps even change the permissions on the files, if they exist. See what the support people at the location you gave suggest.

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Hi Norm

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I’ve tried changing the file permissions but the install still says the files don’t exist or are not writable

I’ll see about giving the file a full path and see what happens