OS Threaded forum?

As much fun as phpBB’s flat forum is. Does anyone know what the best OS threaded forum is? Or any other information in that area.

Try SMF Forum. Runs on PHP/MySQL.


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That forum is just as flat as phpBB, and I couldn’t find an option to switch views like the dreamhost forum we’re currently in uses. But thanks.

Oh, I’m sorry… And you are right, smf is only flat forum app. I too quickly replying you and I don’t have any idea so far for an OS threaded forum. Forgive me for that. :slight_smile:


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An other user (sorry, I forgot who) posted a link to this site a few days back. http://www.forummatrix.org It’s a pretty cool site, letting you search for forums softwares, and compare them easly. A quick search returned these results:
Okay. You want a threaded Forum that is Free and Open Source and which stores data in MySQL.

The following 7 Forums match your criteria:

aterr, bttlxeForum, dnfBB, MyBB, NextBBS, Phorum and Yazd

I just used the "Choice wizard’ to find that. Hopefully this will help your search.

art.googlies.net - personal website

Yes, thank you.
I was just coming to post that I found and chose myBB, but thanks for the more complete list for others.

I take it you only want free ones, right?

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Just look at MyBB… looks great. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I also search for this kind of forum for a quite long time. :wink:


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