OS and security upgrades

I’m thinking of going with DH and am very excited about managed hosting. To that end, how does DH handle your OS and app security upgrades? Do they do planned OS upgrades? How do they respond to security incidents? Are you pleased with how this has been handled? Have you had things break unexpectedly due to an upgrade or incident response, and if so, what was the response time?

Dreamhost errs on the side of caution when doing upgrades.

For example: Even though some of the bleeding-edge developers that host here have been clamoring for PHP 5 for some time, DH has not done the upgrade because of their concern that it will break many scripts that users have running.

I think they’re good with security. There was a big outage a while back because of a DOS attack, but that’s the only one I can really think of.

DH has done kernel upgrades from time to time to protect OS security, but they prefer to thoroughly test the upgrades first (usually thanks to a few willing Dedicated Server customers).

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[quote]Dreamhost errs on the side of caution when doing upgrades.


This is true with all upgrades, but we tend to be pretty quick with security-related upgrades. Testing is A Good Thing™, but we’re not going to take nearly as long as we take with, say, rolling out a new feature-enhacing PHP release.

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