Options for Passenger on VPS



I have many Ruby on Rails sites.
I use VPS’s.
I’d like to put all the sites on 1 VPS.
But the default options for Passenger don’t fit for many sites.

The default options are:
PassengerMaxPoolSize 4
PassengerMaxInstancesPerApp 2

These options are good for only 2 sites.
So I have to set the web server to manual management.
But in that case, I can’t get support from DreamHost when something goes wrong.

I wish that I could set the options even if the web server is automatically managed.



I spoke with one or our Tech Support Team managers and he confirmed that we are able to alter those settings for you if you are on a VPS or Dedicated server. The only issue would be on VPS because we have to turn off our auto-scaling feature in order to do this (so you it may have a negative impact on other settings as those will be fixed - such as apache limits and the like). We can also adjust those for you though or you may wish to check out our Dedicated options.



Thanks for the reply.

I have no problem going to Dedicated Server.
Actually I’ve tried that but cancelled it due to the Passenger instance limit.

Can you be more specific about ‘auto-scaling feature’?
With the limit of instances, auto-scaling won’t be that helpful, I think.


Sam Kong


Our VPS product currently scales the configuration automatically as you increase or decrease the allocated resources (so the higher the setting, the higher the limits set on apache for instance). We have to disable that in order to set specific limits for items that are auto-scaled.