Options for catch-alls

I’ve been a DreamHost customer for ages and it sucks that I’ll have to leave, but I need to run catch-alls for my domains. Any suggestions?

Beyond that, it’s kind of ugly that I paid a year in advance for a service that’s cut off with months notice.

They don’t care. All of their customers who know what’s going on have been complaining and begging for months to not pull catch-all capabilities. They have been told thousands of times over, that this is a vital feature that will basically ruin thousand’s of customers email, if canceled. They have responded repeatedly with fake apologies and “we’re doing it anyway.” which quite literally translates to “We don’t give a crap about you.”

Our only option is to migrate to another service and demand refunds for your yearly subscription.
I’ve moved to 1 and 1.com (Which is blocked from me posting a link LOL How hilarious!) - They offer catch-all and so far their server performance has far surpassed Dreamhosts.


Thanks for that, Troy!

I’ve heard good things about 1and1.com and have set up an account there. I now have to migrate everything and get everyone to set up their emails again, just because Dreamhost couldn’t give us fair notice. That said, if they can’t give reasonable notice of changes when their clients obviously have clients of their own depending on the services, I can’t afford to stay with them.

1and1 does have some issues with their Canadian portal, though. The Help Center goes through to the .com, which asks you to log in again, then tells you to go to the Canadian portal. So I’ve had to phone in for support, but their wait times are incredibly good. First call in was answered in under a minute and a later one only took a few minutes.

And hey, the link worked for me!

Heh! Now Dreamhost is removing my posts because I’m helping their customers deal with problems they caused. Classic.

Anyway, I have luckily not needed to contact 1n1’s support, but its nice to know they’re good at it. Bummer about the redirect problems. Hopefully they work that out.

The best part I’ve found about 1n1 is I transferred my domain and email account in about 2 hours with only about 30 minutes of downtime where I didn’t receive email. I was worried there would be a much longer downtime.

I can’t say much more, or Dreamhost will remove this post too. Cheers!

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