Option to update phpmyadmin

As of today (Tue. Dec. 31 2013) we’re not able to update phpmyadmin and the current version of phpmyadmin (as of today) is 4.1.3 and DH is version 3.3.1. It would sure be nice to have an option in the cpanel to update it manually, or have DH stay up to date with the versions for us, if there is another option about updating our phpmyadmin areas, plz would like to know.

Thx, snolan

I suppose you could install your own copy on your domain and link to your databases.

shared servers have this option? if so, ill have to look into this, thx.

Couldn’t agree with this more. The current version is three, and soon to be four, milestone releases behind.

I would agree with this. I’ve used more recent versions with other hosts and it works much more seamlessly.

Keeping an eye out for DH responses, I’m very interested to see what comes of this.

How are you guys accessing PHPMyAdmin? The link provided on the admin panel are not secure connections (HTTPS), at least for me. Therefore, your connection, especially your login, is completely unencrypted. Manually access it through HTTPS doesn’t work; nothing loads. I just can’t believe that DH isn’t not providing security for database management.

As of right now i can’t even load my MySql in a browser, and after not being able to have the updated UI, so i just use http://www.sequelpro.com/. Does the trick and more…

Dreamhost knows it’s not secure. They don’t care.

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What I can’t understand is why does Dreamhost disable outdated CMS installations yet they don’t even maintain their own systems such as phpMyAdmin?