Optimize Magento in a DH VPS account


I have moved a Magento e-commerce site to a DH VPS account. The page to page navigation is painfully slow, but the system resources for CPU and Memory are barely a blip on the screen.

My developer sent me this reply:
The site needs to be moved to a better server which is more optimized for Magento.

Where can I find a list of recommendations to optimize the server for Magento? Anyone have any experience in doing this?



I just started using Magento myself recently and yes, its a little sluggish, shared hosting isn’t good for this kinda system. I too was wondering about setting up a VPS but it seems like you answered my question.

I do however wonder if its the Mysql database that needs to be switched over to VPS and not the whole site, depending on how many products you have that could be killing the page load.

  • Nick


I am using Magento on a VPS.
I am only with 300MB, it uses almost everything and store has about 700 visits per day.
Store is much faster now, but something is wrong with our VPS, it was using too many memory and I had to reboot. I love this option, problems? Reboot and you back on. Worst problems? Contact support. lol