Opinions about Joomla?

I’m thinking about switching a few sites over to Joomla, I’m given to understand that it’s easier to configure for mobile devices. I’d like to how hard the transition might be for somebody with a Wordpress background?

When you say “easier to configure for mobile devices”, do you mean the front-end or back-end?

Also, when you say “for somebody with a Wordpress background”, are you a developer? or just an average user who has used some basic WordPress tools.

Sorry, I am not being snarky or anything, I think it will be easier to answer if you give a little more information.

For a developer, it is not too big of a leap. I am not so sure about Joomla being easier to configure for mobile devices.

Joomla’s default theme (much like WPs) is mobile responsive. http://joomla30.cloudaccess.net/

They also made their back-end more mobile friendly (yay!)

My general advice is to install and try it. If you enjoy using it, and can make the changes you need easily, then use it :slight_smile: It’s the only way to know what works for you (see: my BFF attempting to drive stick shift…)

Well you if you stretched the definition a bit, you could say I’m a developer, by that I mean if I read the PHP code I’ll understand most of it and might even be able to modify it.