Openx install issues



Has anyone successfully installed Openx through the one click install?

I am having big problems getting the database to set up…


Bumping this back up…

I’m getting an issue when I go to install where once I get to the database setup screen I get the error.
"Installation failed to write database details to the configuration file"
I’ve even gone so far as to chmod 777 the configuration file that contains the db info…

Any assistance would be appreciated, already did a google search and the only other info I found out there was on the openx forums in this thread…

But the guy who figured out how to get past it says he cant even remember how he got it to work.



Its hard for me to tell what might be happening with the 1click-install, but it seems like the openx/var folder needs to have its sub-directories chmod’d as well

Hope this helps,
Arlen Coupland


I just ran through the install as an experiment and had no issues. The “” folder is set to 755 and was empty when I started, as was my database. I followed the one-click robot instructions.

Oh, and be sure when you get to that database screen that you set the database to InnoDB, and not the default MyISAM setting.



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