OpenVBX outdated version



I’ve done the one click install of OpenVBX, and am very impressed. I went ahead and upgraded my Twilio acocount to a paid one, however I’m having an issue with my OpenVBX control panel not realizing I’ve upgraded.

I found a post on the support forum that addresses my exact issue, and the solution was to upgrade from version 1.2.5, which is the most recent version Dreamhost offers, to version 1.2.9. How long does it take for Dreamhost to offer these updates?

Here’s the post on the Twilio site:


Dreamhost tends to be slow on updates of one-clicks. It’s not too difficult to do from a shell command prompt, are you familiar with using a shell command prompt? If you need it I could cook up a list of commands for you, should take you about 5 minutes to do the actual upgrade.


yes LakeRat could you be so kind as to provide the shell commands?
& info on how to use them.

Shame that we can’t just upgrade this by ourselves.



I tried to do a one-click install this morning of the current version dreamhost is installing and unfortunately never got the install completed without errors. I think I got it running fine, but since I don’t actually use this software I’m hesitant to provide a set up shell commands to upgrade it. Official instructions can be found here:

It’s really not difficult and FYI, from dreamhosts shell you can use the ‘wget’ method of downloading which is much faster than the FTP method.


Old thread, but here we go…

OpenVBX is dirt-simple to install on your own.

  1. Create a MySQL Database.
  2. Unpack the most recent .tar.gz into a folder in your DH space.
  3. Visit that folder with your browser.

So really, you don’t need to use what DH provides for this one. If you want to install OpenVBX and exchange notes here, I’ll be happy to help.


Also, OpenVBX 1.2.9 is available in the installer now.