OpenBravo ERP

I’m lost…

I’m hoping to install OpenBravo ERP solution into Dreamhost account
but it requires as follows:

  • Which I can’t seem to find any of these in order to make this happen.

VMware appliance
•Supported versions: VMWare Player 1.x, 2.x, VMware Server, VMware WorkStation or VMware Fusion.
•File name:
•Allocated free space: 2GB.
•Allocated RAM memory: 1024MB.
•Allocated swap space: 128MB.
•Networking: bridged.

Xen appliance
•Supported versions: Xen 3.0.3 or higher. Can be deployed to Amazon EC2.
•File name: OpenbravoERP-2.50MP20-x86.xen.tar.gz
•Allocated free space: 2GB.
•Allocated swap space: 128MB.

QEMU appliance
•Supported versions: QEMU 0.8 or higher. Optionally use KQEMU to increase performance.
•File name:
•Allocated free space: 2GB.
•Allocated swap space: 128MB.

Parallels appliance
•Supported versions: Parallels Workstation, Desktop or Server.
•File name:
•Allocated free space: 2GB.
•Allocated swap space: 128MB.

VirtualBox appliance
•Supported versions: VirtualBox or VirtualBox-OSE.
•File name:
•Allocated free space: 2GB.
•Allocated swap space: 128MB.

None of those will work on DreamHost. Are you sure there’s no way to just download the software directly, rather than downloading a virtual machine to run it in? (I tried looking through their web site myself, but I couldn’t find any way to download anything without registering. Lame!)

their files are in SourceForge so you don’t have to register anything

here’s the link:

I’ve unzipped it and it’s in VMDK extention… I’m assuming it’s VMware Player extention…

My main goal is to connect OpenBravo with my Magento for realtime stock and inventory tracking… What do you think?
Is it too idealistic?

VMDK is, indeed, a VMWare disk image. Quite possibly the most inconvenient possible format if you don’t actually plan on using VMWare.

It does look like it’s Java, though. You might be able to run it on a DreamHost PS, but I have no idea how well it’ll work.

There’s a binary download for it as well, am downloading it now and will try to install it on Dreamhost. Has anyone had any success with this? I know it’s been a year…

The download link is:


Hey Harold–did you have any luck with this? I’d like to use OpenBravo as well, but the stumbling block might be the PostgreSQL server requirement.