Open ssl and pear questions

I’m looking through a list of requirements for an API I would like to install on a DH dedicated/managed server and have a few requirements that I can’t locate or aren’t up to the recommended version. Could somebody let me know if I’m not looking in the right place or if these would be easily added to a dedicated/managed setup?

openssl 0.9.7a (I see 0.9.6c)




That version of OpenSSL is provided with Sarge so it could be added easily if the machine was upgraded to Sarge. We’re in the process of developing our update process for that and have already done a couple dedicated servers.

I wouldn’t expect the PEAR stuff to be a problem. I believe there’s even an easy way to install PEAR things into your home directory yourself.

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thanks very much Dallas (and thanks to Brett, he’s been fielding a plethora of tedious question with enthusiasm)