Open SRS?

Okay, just moved to Dreamhost from another company, and I have to admit, I’m extremely pleased. But herein lies my problem:

I currently have my domains with a third company, and I have access to them via Open SRS (OSRS). If I move my domain registration from the third company to Dreamhost, will I lose my OSRS? I’ve seen cases where people have outright lost their domains when moving webhosts, and while that did not happen when I moved from the third company to my last host, I want to ensure that I still have control over domains as necessary.

Are you using all of the services available via Open SRS? DreamHost registration is plain Vanilla domain registration. The only bonus you get is that it can have anonymous WHOIS info. Other than that, that’s it.

If you’re only talking about the hosting itself, the I dunno how picky Open SRS is about how you set its name servers.


Yeah, I’ve got full OSRS capability. I just don’t want to lose that ability. Allow me to clarify if I’m being unclear:

My wife initially had her own domain registry through Blue Domino (same as me), which gave us OSRS access. However, unlike me, she then moved the domain registration of her domain over to Globat, which then nullified her OSRS access. I’d like to be able to move my registration over from BD to Dreamhost, but I don’t want to lose OSRS (with my current access, I can make my WHOIS anonymous, so that’s not an issue), so that way if I want to make mirrors for my site, I don’t have to play “Mother may I” with the registrar, or hope they’ll play nice with my domain should I leave the hosting service (as my wife has found out the hard way).


You’ll lose OSRS here. The only way around that is if you keep a close eye on IP addresses for your domain here should they move you to another server. Then use your current OSRS DNS for your domain.