Open realty mod_rewrite

I’m running open realty on my dreamhost subdomain and would like to take advantage of the search engine friendly url’s feature. It is not working now for some reasons related to it being installed on a subdomain.

Has anyone been able to get this to work on Dreamhost?

thanks for any ideas.


From what information do you draw the conclusion that the rewrite problem is caused by installing on a subdomain? I do quite a bit of mod_rewrite stuff within subdomains.

This is hopefully a configuration error that someone can help with. If it’s not simple config stuff I’d be careful with the app. Methinks security might be a little challenging for the developers of a product who can’t handle rewrites from subdomains.

There is a configuration option in the open realty control panel that lets you select “search engine friendly” url’s… when I save this and checkout the site all the links are changed on the site but when I click on them the pages don’t exist.

I’ll try asking the open realty forum.

Thanks for any other ideas.