Open pgp signd email by default?

is there a way to use an open pgp signature on an email address by default?

example i set up a forum to use pop3 to send the activation email, is there a way to have the server use open pgp and a key i provide to automatically sign that email?

I hope not. I wouldn’t want to leave my private key on a server and have outbound messages automatically signed. Why is it so important that an automatically generated message be signed?


Scott makes a really good point. If your forum was compromised (or an admin became discontented) it could be used as a spamming mechanism with the spam digitally signed by yourself. You could be shutdown without a leg to stand on.

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good point i hadent even tholt of that :expressionless:

p.s. the reason i was thinking about this is so people had a way to know the mail did indeed come from my site and not a 3rd party.