Open files in textwrangler from shell


on my local machine i can open a file in textwrangler from terminal with the command edit filename. is there a way to do that with files on the server? when i tried i got this
Error: no “edit” mailcap rules found for type “application/*”

i can use pico if i have to, but i would like to know what my options are.


I do it with BBEdit and Transmit. Double-clicking the file in Transmit brings up the file in BBEdit so I can edit. Saving it puts it back on the server.

I don’t have TextWrangler, but in BBEdit, there’s an option to Open a file from FTP/SFTP server. There needs to be some way to get the file from the server to your local machine for editing.



ok, i see that textwrangler has those options as well. that will save me a couple of steps when i have to modify a site that’s already live.