Open_basedir issue with /tmp folder?

I’ve had this happen several times before. My PHP image upload script will work perfectly, then for no reason at all it will stop working. Then it will work again with no changes. I’m using this script on about 10 sites, I KNOW it works.

In the past, DH has been able to do something with the server and make it work. I don’t know what that thing is, but I’ve got a site that needs to launch today and I can’t upload items via my web-based interface.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I currently have the folder chmoded to 755. I don’t really want to make it 777 due to security issues.

There is an article in the knowledge base about sometimes there are funky open_basedir issues and support can fix it, but every time this happens (about once every few months), they inevitably look at me like I’m nuts. But then usually by the next day it’s working agian (magically).

This time they’re loaded up with webmail issues and the legacy stuff from the DNS snafu. If I can fix this myself, I’d love to…does anyone know how?

Ok, I figured it out. I appears they have quietly turned off the global vars for $_FILES. For instance, you could previously upload a file and access it by $pic_name automatically instead of doing $_FILES[“pic”][“name”]. Nice of them, ain’t it?

In any case, I used that syntax in several places on my site, so now I get to go through to change them all. Yay me.

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