Only Title shows on Website


I can’t seem to get anything to show on my website except the title across the browser page. I look at the source code and not figure out where it is coming from. This occures no matter what I have as my index even if there is no index at all.

What have I done?


A link to the page would make it easier to figure out, but you might want to check your code again for things like missing closing tags, missing quotes/brackets, etc…

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The page is valid and does show something (white page) with the title of Welcome to Kelly’s Photography.

It does this no matter what I have as my index page. I can even remove everything and it shows this. I looked at the source for the white page and this is what I see.

Welcome to Kelly's Photography

What happened?


I think your line ‘’ contains an invalid URL in the src line.

Try replacing with an html or graphic file for the frame you want to display.



Thanks norm. The only problem is I do not know where that source code is coming from. I have gone in deleted everything through my FTP and have replaced it with a generic site. I can see the site on another machine but when I try to bring it up on this one, I get just the white page with the title of welcome to kelly’s photography. That is no where on the site. I tried to bring it up in firefox (on this same machine) and it tells me the url is not valid and can not be loaded but yet it displays the title Welcome to Kelly’s Photography and a white page.

I have cleared everything in IE and run Crap Cleaner to get rid of all temp files but nothing works. Where else should I go to clean this browser stuff out?


I tried the site with both IE and firefox and both are showing the source code that KbTarl stated.

So you are saying that code is not what you uploaded?


I take it now, that you have re-written the page source, since your home page now renders okay?



Parts of the problem seem better but I am still confused over what might be happening. Please refer to a post on another site I made looking for more help.,15726240

This is where things are now. I have a site loaded that should display a four quadrant site with Kelly’s Photography logo in left hand corner, menu below that with home, page 1-2-3 and contact. A test image square should show in body with copyright infor below.

I have three machines on my home network. Last night when I went to be the machine I do all my coding and FTP from could only get to and not kellysphotography,net ( i have the panel set to recognise either). My wife’s photography computer could only get to kellysphotography and not the other. The third machine could get to either. This morning all but my computer could get to either and it still can only access Firefox still shows to be an invalid URL.

I do not have a clue what has happened nor what I need to do to fix it. Something is just not right though. I played around with the cloaking function but thought I took that off. It shows full hosting from the panel. I still have not heard from DreamHost Support other than the email bot.

Thanks for the help you guys.


You need to check your DNS for, it resolves to []instead of []The web server on is returning the broken frameset. The DreamHost server is returning the correct frameset.

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Hey Bob,

It must have been when I was experimenting with the cloak feature although I thought I took it off. Thanks for all you guys efforts to help me. Here is the reply from support…

I am not sure if you had the forums set to reply to the DreamHost support address, but you have 9 open tickets here. It looks like the problems were related to DNS, as I am now loading your site just fine (30 minutes later). The IP is the one your site should be resolving to.

The reason this has happened is because of changes made to your domain in the Control Panel, resulting in about 8 Apache instances for your domain (confusing DNS). If you are still unable to resolve your site properly within the next four hours (the time it takes most ISPs to refresh the cache on their nameservers) please let us know.