Only the WordPress blog is visible

The blog portion is up and visible at Today I uploaded the main site files, made sure the index was named index.html and put them in the folder. The files show in that folder but I see nothing in the browser. The main web site is supposed to be at

Apparently, I’ve forgotten something vital – or don’t know the proper chants and spells as I’m a newcomer to this. What else do I try?

I just had a quick look at your site and it seems the index.html file is loading correctly.

However, viewing the page source only shows;

It appears your index.html does not actually have any content, which would be why nothing is showing in the browser. :slight_smile:


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Thank you. I tried to rename the file extension online, and perhaps that is what was messing things up. I fixed the file, reloaded it, made sure the content was there, and still I have no site.

I uploaded the WordPress blog through “One Click.” Is there some step that this automated feature takes that I don’t know about?

I’ve also read somewhere about DNS. (Other than Domain Name Server, I know nothing about DNS.) What does this mean, and am I doing something wrong here to? It is showing up as Active on my panel, and the blog is showing.

The site is Any other suggestions?

I checked your site again and it appears to work correctly now. I can see the Colorado Piques title and some default content.

If you still can’t see it in your browser, try clearing your browser cache and trying again.


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