Only 1 mysql user per database now?

This is strange, the first two domains, I was able to access the db’s from my “admin” account and the dummy user.

Now I can’t seem to add my existing “admin” account to any new databases.

Strange move. Quite annoying actually.

This apparently came up just a few days ago on this forum. You can no longer add a username to a database that has been used by your before. I’ve done this a for a couple of databases, just to help keep things simply becuase I was logging into phpmyadmin reguarly and I have no memory for user/pass.

I understand this is a bit of a security reisk, but I don’t care. Regardless I’d like to see a reply from a DH person on this one, perhspas if someone is putting a ticket they could link to this forum…


I submitted a ticket last night and posted on the wiki. Haven’t heard anything back yet.

this is a deal breaker for me. That’s why I left my last hosting provider after 3 days. I do NOT want to write down every damn username and password they forced me to create.

now the database is down completely. Inaccessible:

a forum user emailed me saying they were getting “permission denied” errors everywhere :frowning:

I noticed this too, and the new user names that most people will make will have a higher securty risk because they’ll have to write them down somewhere, and someone could find

and what realy flames me if that I nver saw any notice of this anywhere, granted I wasn’t looking for something stupid like this to happen but they should’ve atleast told us about it