Online viewing\editing of ID3 tags

Is there anyway of viewing\editing the ID3 tags of an MP3 online?

I.e. though some shell software, like pico.


A script on your website?
Or a command line viewer you can use to manage/view info in your directories?

Take a look at the PHP Functions for ID3 tags built in:
There’s mp3info for shell, doubt that’s installed on the shared servers though.

Oops forgot about this post.

Thanks for your reply.

I’d like to be able to use the shell to edit\view id3 tags. Mp3Info is on the installed modules list, not sure whether I have access though because I don’t know how to use it??? Tried ‘man MP3Info’ to no avail.

Checked out the mp3info site and it’s examples are scripts not commands that could be typed into the shell.

Anyone know any more about using MP3Info?

Is there any other way I could edit ID3 tags though the shell? Something like pico but for id3 tags would be ideal.


The mp3info for shell that VxJasonxV mentioned is a Debian package. You can get the source at but I haven’t tried compiling it myself.

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML+CSS

Not like pico, but try using mp3id <file>

A little bit of future advice that might come in handy.
Bash supports tab completion, so if you type the first few characters of a binary (in this case mp3) and then hit tab a few times, it seeks out all binaries starting with those characters and either;

  1. Completes it if only one match
  2. Shows you all possible matches (questioning you on larger lists)

mp3id was the only hit, no mpg123, no mp3info, etc.

Try mp3id --help for some detailed information :-).
If mp3id doesn’t work/doesn’t exist for you, ask support.
If I can have it (on Peso) I’m sure you can too!

Thanks VxJasonxV :slight_smile: MP3ID works well. Cheers for the tip on tab completion aswell, that’ll come in handy.