Online text editor

Is there something I could host on my domain that would allow me to edit my site’s PHP and HTML files online, a bit like Google Docs but editing my hosted files? This would be supercool.

Sure! There are many scripts that provide such capability, and Dreamhost’s own net2ftp installation ( has that capability. You don’t want to use the DH net2ftp to edit perl or system files (line ending issues) but it should be fine for php/html files.

Actually, I like ffileman for such tasks as it is easy to install, versatile, and highly functional. There are also many other such products available (check, so you should be able to easily find something that meets your needs.

I do recommend that you avoid the “WYSIWYG” editors if you are going to be working with PHP files, and they all have their shortcomings when it comes to flexibility with html files. :wink:


rlparker: you are quite seriously my favourite person today. thanks for the response (net2ftp works great and i’m going to try ffileman this evening). best, basilica

Good Deal, and I’m glad you found my answer useful.If you do try ffileman, let me know what you thing of it, ok? :wink: