Online Membership Database?



I am needing to install some sort of database for a membership directory for a chapter of an organization. Is there anything out there that I can install on my site?

Or, any reasonably-priced sites out there to subscribe to?


any content management system could pull this off. my personal vote is for drupal but wordpress (which dh has as a one-click install) would get the job done. its not just blogging software, after all.


Is there a plug-in that you suggest? Blogging software alone won’t do what I want. I want to track home address, business address, email, etc, plus some custom fields. And, make it searchable to a registered user (member)


Drupal has the capability for custom fields and so does wp by default. Also both have the capability of having registered users. Google is your friend for more information about this. It can be done if you know what you’re doing. If you have no real experience at all with content management systems me trying to outline it for you won’t really do you any good.


it might be easiest to just embed a google docs spreadsheet and use that. you can spice it up and do a surprising amount with it.