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At some point I saw two free third-party online website editors (create your own site) recommended by DreamHost. What are they?

Are you talking about WordPress (blog/CMS) software and Joomla! (CMS)? Both are available via a “one click” installation from the DreamHost Control Panel (See the “Goodies” section) and allow you to create a site “online”.



Thanks for the response. I guess they are. My memory was evidently wrong. I had not looked into them back when I saw that there were two online editors recommended. I had thought they were of a general capability and not specialized. I am looking for an online equivalent to Netscape’s Composer.


That’s a very different kind of beast! If you are referring to an WYSYWIG html editor (which is what Netscape Composer is), the situation can be a bit complicated. Either of those two programs I mentioned before (WordPress and Joomla!) have a “WYSIWYG” interface for adding pages/content, etc. to your site, and they provide somewhat similar editing capability to what you see in Netscape Composer (though they are “stripped down” and don’t make it easy for you to produce “bad” code! :wink: ). They do this by integrating javascript WYSIWIG editors into a Content Management System (CMS) for you, to make it easier for you to manage the site/links, and allow you to do it all “online”.

There are numerous such editors available (like the ones used by WordPress and Joomla!), but they need to be integrated with your website in some way in order to be useful. TinyMCE, fckEditor, Xnha, the older htmlarea, etc. provide some of that functionality, but they can be difficult for inexperienced users to implement.

These, and other javascript editors, can provide WYSIWYG editing with varying degress of functionality and quality, but actually run on the user’s browser, interacting with a textarea field on a webpage to simulate “online” editing. In years past there were several websites that implemented these things so a user could “build a page” online (albeit with limited features), but these have generally been replaced by the implementation of CMS systems and/or “page hosting sites”.

There are services that let you edit a page online (using these, or similar) technologies, and I suppose you could use them to build a page and then save it to your computer for subsequent upload to your site (check out Google Pages).

Other web hosts sometimes offer “website builder” scripts for doing similar things, but DreamHost does not. I’m curious as to why you don’t just use Netscape Composer (or better yet, NVU!) for “building” your pages “offline” for subsequent upload to Dreamhost? That really is the way to go, IMHO.

I don’t know if that information is at all helpful, but it’s really the only help I can provide without knowing more about what you are trying to do and/or your capabilities with this kind of stuff.



Thank you for your most informative reply.

First, it jogged my memory. I remember now that TinyMCE and fckEditor were the two online editors recommended by DreamHost a year ago.

Second, you have made it clear that they are not the way to go. And yes, I will stay with Composer.


You are most welcome, and I’m glad that some of that information turned out to be useful to you. :wink:

Staying with Netscape Composer should work well for you though, if you have the time, you really should look at the “child” of NetScape composer, NVU.

NVU has it’s roots in Netscape Composer, but was “broken away” (“forked”) from the Netscape Communicator Suite (much like Firefox and Thunderbird browser and email clients) to be a more “specialized” solution. This was facilitated of course by the open-sourcing of the Netscape codebase, and the decline of continuing development of the whole Netscape Communicator suite.

As a result, and with initial backing and support from Linspire, NVU has become a “newer, better” “Netscape Composer” that offers much better code generation (the use for styles instead of font attributes being just one example).

As another benefit of open-sourcing the code, a newer still “fork” of NVU, KompoZer, has been developed. Advertising itself as “Nvu’s unofficial bug-fix release”, it has improved NVU even further and is an excellent tool.

If you are at all comfortable with Netscape Composer, you really should take the time to at least experiment with NVU or KompoZer, as you will likely find them just as easy to use (if not easier!) and you will benefit from better code generation should you decide to use them. Just a thought!



Tried out Nvu. Works great. Will be using it.

Your help is gratefully appreciated.


Good deal! I’m glad you found NVU useful. Happy site building! :slight_smile:


Sorry for ressurecting old thread, but this is on topic.

About a year ago? There were both the TinyMCE and the FCKEditor HTML editors available online in the Dreamhost Panel, then there were security issues, and both went away. This has crippled my use of Dreamhost to maintain and create web pages. I do use the Kompozer free app on Mac, but the table editor features available online (insert and delete rows and columns, resize columns, etc) present in tinymce and fckeditor are not found elsewhere.

How about bringing back TinyMCE and.or CKEditor, please?

Any full online, web-based, wysiwyg editor alternatives?

There is nothing stopping you from installing TinyMCE or CKEditor manually. Visit their respective websites, download the packages, and follow the install instructions.


RE: Onine Editors
There is nothing stopping you from installing TinyMCE or CKEditor manually. Visit their respective websites, download the packages, and follow the install instructions.
. . . [/quote]

Thanks, Ryo-ohki - I was wondering about that. I have basic HTML and a little bit of Linux and FTP experience.

Is this much more difficult than a Dreamhost “One-Click” install?

Any special skills (PHP, Javascript, ??) needed?

Any file-management issues?

Any security issues to know about?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CKEditor CKEditor (formerly FCKeditor)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TinyMCE TinyMCE, also known as the Tiny Moxiecode Content Editor

CKEditor and TinyMCE are just Javascript components, not full web applications. As such, they won’t do much useful on their own — you’d have to hook them up to some sort of file browser and editor to use them.

Why no “One-Click Installs” in DreamHost, since they took away these capabilities from the Panel?

These tools were essential to using DreamHost in the past for online WYSIWYG HTML editing, and I have not yet found any viable “Cloud-based” alternatives here.

Like I said, they aren’t standalone web applications. They’re just Javascript libraries, so “installing” them would just give you a bunch of .js files that don’t do anything useful on their own. They were formerly part of the Net2FTP “WebFTP” client, but we were forced to take that offline following a number of serious security issues that we discovered with it.

I’d be every bit as interested as you to find (or create!) a good web application that combines these components, possibly with a FTP/SFTP browser, into an online HTML editor. Unfortunately, I have yet to find one.

Thanks, AndrewF. Sounds like a very good opportunity for someone with the skills and time to do it! Kompozer is not cloud-based, a bit clunky and somewhat deficient in capabilities. TinyMCE and CKEditor were great tools, and the lack of these really hurts my productivity. For me, DreamHost became a nightmare when they went away.

even i need one