Ongoing problems - at a loss

Hi I hope you can help,

Our site has recently become quite erratic.

Last week the widgets stopped displaying. Disabling the all in one SEO tools seemed to resolve this. However I am now finding that this page will not display at all.

How would I go about troubleshooting and finding out what exactly is wrong? Is there any further info needed to get some help with this?

Thanks in advance,


Hey Dominic!

I took a look into your logs, and I’d strongly recommend submitting a ticket to our support team about this. I want to make sure we get the issues you’re having with your site to the right department to have it all checked out, as I’m seeing some weird stuff in your error logs that are likely causing issues.

Let me know once you’ve submitted your ticket and I’ll keep an eye on it for you. Thanks!


Weird stuff never sounds good! I’ll submit a ticket. Thanks :slight_smile:

Ticket submitted, thanks.