OneNote 2007 and WebDAV



OneNote 2007 has the abilty to connect to WebDAV directories and set up shared notebooks there. This is one of the reasons i bought hosting from dreamhost. Now, i’ve been trying a lot of way for the last couple of hours but nothing seems to work. OneNote connects to the directory, creates it’s own directory, creates it’s initial files, but when it’s supposed to sync or read back what it has written on the server… i just get the “cannot sync” message. Is this from dreamhost or OneNote? Has anyone tried this before?

Thank you


I am having the same issue - Onenote 2007 and WebDAV.

The only relevant information I could find is that Windows XP sends unauthenticated requests even when the client is authenticated. The only solution to this was enabling unauthenticated OPTIONS and PROPFIND requests on the server - but Dreamhost support said that I don’t have access to change these options, and that they only support basic WebDAV functionality…

I don’t know how else to get to the options besides the web panel, and they’re not there. I’ll keep poking around, but any more help would be much appreciated.