OneClicks, databases, users

Can anyone help me with sort of a top-level understanding about mySQL and the one-click installs? We have a Web site with Webcalendar and Gallery, both of which I installed before they became one-clicks, so they don’t show up on the Web panel. I believe they also each have a mySQL database which I set up at the time but really can’t remember now - just followed manufacturer’s instructions and it worked…

I see two databases, one for the calendar and one which may be for our site in general although I’m not sure.

Anyhoo, now, I want to install Wordpress and I need to designate a user and a database. Can I use one of the existing mySQL ones or do I need to set up a unique database? How do these things all talk to each other? I understand databases generically speaking but have basically no experience with these particular products.

What would be the benefit or risk of using an existing database? Is it just easier to do it separately or is there a risk with having too many on one domain?

I need help with ‘databasics.’ Can anyone help?


the one click installs create a new database for every software you want up.

you can use one database to cover all your needs, but why bother when DH gives you unlimited? It’s nice to use one database per program because it doesn’t put too much stress on the databases.

Also, if you use one database, you have to make sure you include prefixes or you run the risk of overwriting tables in the database, affecting the programs you run.

As for how they “talk to each other,” I’m just a noobie too, but from what I know, in the coding, you have all the information to enter data into the database by supplying the hostname, database name, username, and password. That allows the program to create tables and store data on it. If you plan on integrating several stand-alone programs like the calendar, gallery, and perhaps a content management system, that’s tricky because you need to play with the coding.

It’s probably simpler to use includes or to create a layout that makes all the programs seem like they are integrated.

I don’t know if I helped any, but there are many people here who could explain it better

You can install MySQL database in one-click installs for any purpose.

If you like, you can also install MySQL and calendar separately. However, when you install calendar in DH, you will be automatically prompted to create a MySQL database for calendar. It does the same thing like one-click install.

It is recommended to have different MySQL databases for different applications. The data belong to different application won’t messy up each other.

So I suggest you to create a new MySQL database for your wordpress application.

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  1. Just about everyone will recommend a separate database for each app. Though there are some cases where inter-application integration will be easier with different table namespaces within a single database, for your usage it will be better to create separate ones. Backup is easier, for instance.
  2. People here seem to be split on whether to use a different data server name. This is the “mysql.yourdomain.tld”. Some recommend a new one for every domain. Some just have one. Even the people who just have one have different admins users for each application. Some only have one admin user and password for all databases. I have one admin user for my family sites and one for each of my business-like sites.

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These answers are great. Thanks!