OneClick Gallery 2 install?



I’m not sure if i’m going bonkers, but I’m not sure if the Gallery 2 oneclick install is working properly…

In box 1 - i select the gallery image album button (v2.0.3)
In box 2 - i select the proper url, and add gallery2 in the empty box
In box 3 - it asks me to choose a mysql database – i point it to the gallery database i had created (it’s completely empty)

I click the “install it for me now” button, and I get an error message that says “stop: you had 1 error! please fix below…” but nothing is highlighted, and everything looks like it should be.

any ideas?


How long ago did you create the mysql database? Sometimes although it shows up in the list it may not have been created.

Try using the ‘create a new database now.’ option. There will still be a delay whilst the hostname is created for the db but at least you can rule out a software problem. If you get the same error you can inform DreamHost.

Check also that you do not already have a folder ‘gallery2’ containing files because you need an empty folder.



I am having the exact same problem setting up Joomla. I am investigating further.


I’m having the same error with WordPress…


The only way I found to fix this is to delete the install (if that is possible) and also delete the database. Wait a while to be sure all the stuff is deleted. Finally do the “one-click” install again.

It is a pain but it works. At least for me.


It’s a new database. Nothing to delete. There’s nothing installed, so again, nothing to delete. I’ve tried install on old stuff, and on new. Same error. Nothing fixed.