One Wordpress database - multiple domains


Relatively new to active blogging. I am reading warnings not to dilute your blogging efforts and diminished SEO results with separate Wordpress installations with different domains. So before I jump into a serious blogging effort where I know upfront that I would like to have several different “retail” experiences for customers…is it possible to have one master blog that has “children” blogs under one main domain to leverage content and SEO climbing over time? And can the other registered domains point to the children blogs?


Having other domains pointing to child blogs will hurt SEO, as you’re attempting to double up on hits for the same content.

As long as you’re not running the same content in parallel, such as mirrors and/or cloaking, you’re playing fair and won’t get dinged by search engines.

If your retail experiences are unique and don’t share content, you’ll be ok. The trend is that any duplication of any type will hurt SEO.


Thank you very much for the time to reply. That makes sense. I really did not want to start out shooting myself in the foot.


You can do this in several different ways.

  1. A different domain for each blog
  2. Subdomains for each blog (, ect.)
  3. WordPress MU where in you are the admin. (

My personal choice would be a different domain for everything, but it is your choice.
I just prefer to have all seperated in case something goes wrong with one part or I would choose to delete a certain part.
Therefore 1 database for all would not be my choice.

But for all options as sdayman mentioned double content is a very big NO NO.
Before setting all up it is good to be a little educated about SEO, keywords, blog name and discription, alt text for pictures, links and many more things are involved in getting a higher ranking place.
Google Search for: Google Page Speed and also maybe the Yahoo version both have great info.

There are 2 plugins I recommened for WordPress, which help the SEO.

  1. W3 Total Cache + Google Page Speed within and outside W3 Total Cache
  2. All in One SEO Pack (Free or registered version)

Good luck and good business


Thank you Ronthai for the counsel. It is good to have some of the map before starting on the journey.


Your welcome BK,

I always had pure HTML websites which created money, but never where ranking anywhere.
I changed to WordPress for my first website and suddenly I was in the top 3-5-10-50 in Google.
Yahoo still does not like me for some reason, but my choosen keywords Google loves and I have a 91 (out of 100) on W3 Total Cache Score and if I do a check on real Google Score I get 86, so I am not complaining.

The problem I have with Yahoo it says too many items/pictures from 1 domain and I should use something like Amazon Cloudfront. I do, that is why Google puts me high and Yahoo tells me I am not on there, so Yahoo not see’s my pics are coming from Amazon CloudFront.

I choose to screw Yahoo and just go with Google.

I am just a starter like you, now 6-8 months WordPress and still learning.
The website I changed from pure HTML to WordPress I now make 30-40% more money.
I have not done my other websites yet, but am preparing and 3-4 months all will go WordPress.

Hee, even DreamHost went WordPress with their new design.

PM me if you want/need to, regards, Ron