One week of not being able to send emails and no support

I cannot recommend dreamhost to anyone. For 10 days so far dreamhost servers have been blacklisted as spammers by several major providers and all emails sent to those providers are bounced immediately.
This is bad, but stuff happens, the unacceptable part is how dreamhost dealt with it.
First for one week they ignored the issue, there were no replies to support tickets I submitted (which are supposed to be replied to within 24 hours) at all. After more than a week, they finally posted a status message saying they are aware of the problem (did it take them a week??), but have no information and will not provide any information how and when that problem will be fixed. For 3 days since then not a single other notice, piece of information or anything. In the meantime my company cannot send emails to most of our clients for 11 days by now.
If you need to run a business, AVOID DREAMHOST

Unfortunately this is usually the case with e-mail provided by shared web hosts like DH. E-mail is just an after thought really. I have not had many issues with the web hosting but e-mail is another story. It is something I expect, though, from my experience with other web host companies. That being said, if e-mail service is mission critical for you, perhaps you should go with a provider that’s dedicated to that. Most of my domains use google’s hosted e-mail services. Luckily I signed up when you could have 25 users for free and am grandfathered in. I think you get 5 users for free if you sign up now but you have to pay for more than that.

Dreamhost has never had stellar email service, and they admit it.

I disagree with your statement as written tho. Dreamhost is excellent for what it does best, shared hosting. I would revise your statement to read, “If you need business class email avoid using dreamhosts email service.”