One user for mutiple mysql databases?

I need to convert a database to another which requires a single mysql user. How can I add an existing user to an existing database?

You don’t, DH now requires unique users for each database/hostname.

What are you trying to accomplish? I suspect you don’t really need the same user on two databases.


I am trying to convert my IPB database to SMF, which starts with only both forum paths and one mysql user password:

well, I’m guessing that guy is hosted at dreamhost, as he’s asking for local server paths, not real urls. Dreamhost changed the way users can be added to databases - they must now all be unique.

Besides that, why would you give out your password to someone you probably don’t know - you have no way of knowing what happens with your details and passowrd after you click submit. Besides, his statement of “(for verification, you know.)” seems rather fishy to me. I’d sigguest you look arund and find a conversion process you can carry out on your own.


Matttail, you got it wrong. That’s my website at dreamhost, I uploaded the converter script to where it is.

Is there any way to solve my problem? I do need to try SMF, for IE doesn’t get along with the utf-8 encoded IPB, I’ll have to persuade my members to use Firefox to visit the forum.