One subdomain missing

What am I missing?

These are my subdomains:

Yet, brings up a 404 error.

I could have sworn it was working earlier this evening.

It is so frustrating to be new to DreamHost and not be able to have someone look at my domain manager and tell me instantly what’s wrong.

But I do VERY MUCH appreciate the help here. What am I overlooking?



It works for me (blank directory index).

The first thing to check would be typos when this happens.

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yeah I get an empty index page too on that page

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Do you SEE a typo?

copied from my ftp panel:

copied from domain setup:

copied from the browser:

I don’t think shouting via the keyboard is going to help you at all. Let’s try focussing less on holding in shift and more on comprehending the information presented in the two independent replies to your intial post.

404 error information.

Screenshot to clarify the ‘empty index’ replies.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

The empty directory listing indicates that your folder in your home directory is empty.


So sorry to offend. I didn’t mean to come across as shouting, but emphasizing “see.” I didn’t see an error on my part. But I figured it was my mistake somewhere, so I was asking if anyone else (including you) “saw” an anomaly.

I uploaded files for all the subdomains the same way. Named the directory the same as the entire subdomain name, e.g.

This is so new to me. I’m used to being able to see an online file manager. I bought DreamHost because Denis Bernardy of SemioLogic Pro fame recommended it. So far, it’s taken me at least four days longer to move a domain because it’s so different from a CPanel interface. And there’s no telephone number. My bad, but I’m willing to learn it.

Thought I had a breakthrough in finally understanding the subdomain structure, but it’s a mystery why one shows as empty.

Dreamweaver FTP shows it not empty.


The domain directory in the Panel seemed to be rejecting the period in the pathway. I deleted it and re-entered it, after comparing with the other subdomains (and receiving an error message on only this subdomain) and reentered it.

Trial and error.

Thanks for being here. It means a lot to me to know that someone is listening!