One site down but not others?

G’day guys,

I’ve posted a support ticket, but thought I’d try here in the meantime. My sites are all fine, and email is working fine, besides one - both this particular website, and the related email, is down.

Can anyone think why that would be? I wouldn’t have thought it’d be a server issue, as all the other sites are up and running…

Any replies would be greatly appreciated - cheers!

Watto :slight_smile:

I like Vegemite.

What’s the domain? How new is it? If it’s brand new, it takes up to 5 days for DNS to fully update. And can you FTP to this domain?


G’day mate,

It’s not new - has been up for over 6 months. Yes, I can FTP to the domain.


Watto :slight_smile:

I like Vegemite.

[quote]It’s not new - has been up for over 6 months. Yes, I can FTP to the domain.

I don’t know if you will perceive this as “good news” or “bad news”, but that site is “up” for me ( I just successfully browsed to it).

This makes me wonder if something has been fixed, or if maybe you will have success loading it if you clear your browser cache?

–DreamHost Tech Support

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Hi guys,

Thanks for your help! As it turns out, the bloody domain had expired. I didn’t think that would be the case, because the owner said she’d sent out emails, and some of them were going through, while others weren’t.

Anyway, all solved now - cheers!

Watto :slight_smile:

I like Vegemite.