One Reason I'm Starting to Hate Dreamhost

Thanks for the insights, vkimball. I am definitely a complete newbie at DH, so my initial poking and prodding should be interpreted as just that. As you might imagine, a newbie who finds a group of veterans and loyal customers who are just now getting a bit upset is prone to poke, prod, and speculate a bit more than average. I hope I’ve made it clear that I don’t claim to have any direct knowledge of any of DH’s operations, and only looking at tiny snapshots of terrain in order to try to determine the landscape; and whether it’s safe to homestead in these here parts, or move on a bit further to better pastures. :slight_smile:

Here’s hoping for the best.

Your own website couldn’t possibly be in your local cache could it? It took ‘forever’ to come up when I tried it. At least it did come up, my dh-hosted websites are all down…

6 year customer, cancelling once my pre-paid time ends.

I have about had it with dreamhost as well. I’m with them since March `06.

Though I cannot really complain about downtimes for my website, the availability of the e-mail service is ridiculous.

Three outages in the last month that had a duration of more than eight hours, countless (well, more than fifteen that I KNOW of) shorter outages etc.

While I understand that problems happen and that one cannot plan for every contingency, this is simply not acceptable.

a couple of months back, through recommendations from Lifehacker readers, i have signed up for a yearly-based dreamhost account… and i think im beginning to regret the decision that i should have taken the monthly plan at least until i get a feel how dreamhost really nice…

why am i saying this? quiete simply because i havve, and still having, another email outage!

i mean, i dont have a critical system, ie., business-purpose, hosted at dreamhost - and i can bear with the fact that there should be some downtimes… but until recently, having been getting too much of it… unable to access ftp for around a day, unable to access imap due to a connection timeout, very slow transfer sppeds, account changes take hours to propagate to downstream systems, etc. etc. its just getting too crazy…

getting too crazy! unfortunately i dont know what to do… you paid for something, and of course youd expect it to be up and running, more than it being down!

I gotta’ be honest. I agree. The uptime stats here have been terribe for me at / I was down again today several times on-and-off. This has been a regular occurrence.

If they actually gave a crap, they’d at least give us a token credit. My other ISP (where I host gives me a week’s credit automatically WITHOUT ME ASKING when my site is offline for more than 10 continuous minutes in any given month – and the whole month at 30 minutes. I rarely get the credit, true but it’s never down.

Dreamhost doesn’t even APOLOGISE properly. It’s sad because they used to be good and I didn’t care that they had no phone support. I filled out the damn callback form last time and guess what? I NEVER EVEN GOT THE CALL BACK. Inexcusable.

Now I know why they’re cheap. Sadly, you get what you pay for…

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