One Reason I'm Starting to Hate Dreamhost

Those that know me here will know that I’ve totally been an avid supporter of Dreamhost for years.

There have been a lot of problems this summer, and I empathise with the Dreamhost staff and I know they work hard.

But, I must say that the quality of service we’ve been getting has dropped significantly; I might as well have transferred my domains to a slow, unreliable host provider… because in my experience, this is what Dreamhost is becoming.

So, my one reason that I’m starting to hate Dreamhost is that I cannot, my clients cannot, and my clients customers cannot reach the Web sites hosted there and when they do, it is incredibly slow.

Last month I forgave all this… but it keeps happening, and I can no longer offer excuses to my clients.

So, we’re looking for another host.

Kinda difficult if you are going to post anonymously.

Frankly, I don’t understand it. I have experienced almost none of the performance issues that are being reported in this forum. I’ve had the odd minor outage, and I’ve had a few email issues, but nothing major at all.

Am I just incredibly lucky? Right now, based on my experience of over two years, I have nothing but praise for DreamHost. Obviously, a few customers are suffering from terrible problems, but what percentage of the 300,000+ domains that represents remains to be seen. If the problems are as bad as everyone says they are, why aren’t we seeing thousands of complaints in this forum?

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[quote]few customers are suffering from terrible problems, but what percentage of the 300,000+ domains that represents remains to be seen.


100% on Sunday, and a steady stream otherwise.

[quote]why aren’t we seeing thousands of complaints in this forum?


Same reasons we aren’t seeing that many compliments, or postings of any kind.

You are welcome to a refund.-Michael;Comparing ‘DH of today’ with ‘DH of old’ does not serve much purpose.-Dallas

Same reasons we aren’t seeing that many compliments, or postings of any kind.[/quote]
Complaining is always louder than praise with any type of business. A lot of people don’t bother with thank-you, word-of-mouth, etc… when everything is perfect.

Look at Wal-mart. People that don’t like it dedicate their lives to complaining about it and harassing people that choose to spend their money there. The whining doesn’t change the fact that they’re #1 though–just like it doesn’t change DH’s #25 position. The majority of customers are happy with DH, as they are with Wal-mart, which drives anyone that isn’t happy with them nuts.

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[quote]I’ve had the odd minor outage, and I’ve had a few email issues, but nothing major at all.
Am I just incredibly lucky?


Me too. In fact, what I most often find is Panel slowness or unavailability, but web service in itself seems nice and stable, and the same goes for mail.

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I praise dreamhost. I like their service. However the past 2 weeks have been HELL!

Outages like never been before. I cannot reach my sites, FTP gets disconnected at randomdom intervals when I’m uploading files. Heck even is unavailable right now as I post this.

Great hosting service with generous plan but unless those outages get resolved soon I’m afraid I have to look elsewhere. I cannot afford that many outages for that long. Sorry I’m not a rich guy.

I agree. I can’t access one of my sites, the suppor panel hangs, dreamhoststatus is down, and my web app takes upwards of 5 seconds to handle a single request for the index page (a simple db hit and render).

This is ridiculous!

Hey CptOatmeal, are you able to make a support request? Dreamhoststatus server crashed. The panel is working fine for me and I am able to create support requests…if you are having problems, maybe someone here can make the request for you (only one person though, don’t want to inundate support with multiple requests for the same person.) LOL

Just a thought. I know it can be frustrating, but since this is a customer to customer forum, maybe we can help.

The only thing I can’t reach is, which I’m pretty sure isn’t hosted at DH, so that it’s up even when DH is completely down. The panel & everything else seems to be fine.

7 49 ms * 49 ms []
8 54 ms 39 ms 45 ms []
9 83 ms 77 ms 80 ms []
10 93 ms 78 ms 79 ms []
11 94 ms 78 ms 78 ms []
12 110 ms 99 ms 101 ms []
13 121 ms 125 ms 201 ms []
14 * * * Request timed out.
15 * * * Request timed out.

Not sure if that’s a problem with DHStatus, or something before it.

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I agree, DH has gotten worse lately. All my sites are down right now.

I have important releases coming up and I can’t afford all this down time. My sites are down several times a day now. Everytime I visit my sites, it’s 50-50 chance they are up. It’s rediculous. I didn’t know how good I had it at my last host. It was $20/mo but I never had any downtime except for when I accidently let my domain expire. I’ve been here for over a year now. Before, mail was down a lot, but that was just annoying - at least I didn’t lose any mail. I use my ISP’s SMTP server to send mail since DH’s was down so much. Mail has been better lately, although still spotty (actually right now a couple mailboxes are saying the password is wrong - but I know it will be working again soon). I’ve gotten used to it and I just check it again later and it’s usually back up, but my sites are down now and that’s a serious problem.


In reply to Simon Jessey’s post:

Well, to be honest, scjessey, I tried to load your sig’s keystone websites, and it took 25 seconds to load. :slight_smile: So you are seeing problems now. :slight_smile:

I’ve been putting up with the slow response for quite awhile before coming to this forum. Maybe there are thousands of others who are doing the same, or going directly to support - and that’s why we don’t see it here.

I’ve been with dreamhost for almost a year. I really liked (and still do) the configurability and the people and the customer service. And being a professional sysadmin, I certainly don’t envy the complications or complexity they have to deal with. A lot of things have been out of their control, and I know those take time to fix. However, I have to admit, it’s been pretty painful for me to deal with their recent problems.

My first recommendation of DH to a friend resulted in her being happy for 10 minutes… and then I was embarrased to have made the recommendation when her site and database were repeatedly up and down for the next month (maybe longer, she hasn’t kept me abreast…). In the last few days, I’ve seen my (shared, given) system have a 15 minute load of 21, waited approximately 120 seconds for the panel to load (and we’re talking one of about 15 clickthroughs each over 30 seconds minimum), and as mentioned, core functions like the status are unavailable. In fact, the panel has almost always been painfully slow, but thankfully my websites have been somewhat faster.

It is getting harder and harder to justify being on dreamhost if they cannot provide at least reasonably adequate service. Most of my domains are vanity, but two are business related, and it’s quite embarrasing to tell the people that hired you as a web professional that, yes, your site is down/slow yet again. Wouldn’t say that inspires confidence.

Again, I love dreamhost - I want to see them succeed, and I want to stay here… but I have to take care of myself too and I am wondering how much more I can take.

Are you on a dial-up? It loads in just a few milliseconds for me.

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Hi If DH is #25 who is No. 1 and 2.3…4 etc…
As I’m new here and was just about to Sign up… after a friend of mine said they were excellent !!

I am in complete agreement with you, Anonymous. I have supported Dreamhost all I can, but this summer was bad and hard on my business during the full day and a half my sites & email capabilities were down. Lots of loss in time and money and plenty of frustration with obtaining support. And it didn’t happen just once. I am sick of this. And today is looking like a reoccurence of those days. Lots of random email receipt & delivery and Not reachable from my computer. What is UP!

Here’s the list. It looks like DH moved up to #24.

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FYI, and both apparently not offsite.





Those IPs seem to be at Fiber Internet Center.

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Same here. My site is constantly down or slow. I get emails every few days or so from people telling me my site is down. I get accussed of giving out a fake address.

I had ALWAYS been happy and impressed but in the short time i have been here, things have gone down hill and I hope they soon start to go up hill again.

I am not going to transfer providers. Everyoine has troubled times once in a while. This is my ‘once’, however.

DOH! That could explain a lot, seiler. FIC is located in a brick shack (well, building; but shack is more pejorative when people are frustrated), literally just down the street from me on Park Blvd. IF (and that’s a big if, 'cuz I don’t know for certain) DH is located in that building on Park, it would definitely help explain 1.) how DH can keep prices so low and 2.) the lack of backup connectivity; hence, outages. That location, to the best of my knowledge, is not multi-homed, but uses Palo Alto municipal fiber to connect to a REAL datacenter downtown, called PAIX.

To the extent my understanding is accurate, the FIC building would be a great incubator site, but not at all sufficient for sustained growth.

The ARIN IP address range indicates a nonzero chance that DH is in the Fiber Internet Center building, but IP addresses are, of course, not geographically constrained.

FIC’s Network Status Tools may provide a little more visibility into backend operations.

If anyone can show me where the FIC Shack connects to any other top tier provider, then I will happily amend my comments; but to the best of my local knowledge, there is one single solitary big, fat, pipe POINT OF FAILURE between the FIC and PAIX, downtown. Once you get downtown, sure, you’re connected to The Largest Neutral Internet Exchange Point in the World.

However, if that single superfast strand of glass goes down, suffers congestion, or routing failures, then any services located in the little brick shack go down with it!

Now, with all that speculation spawned … if this is even part of the problem … and if customers all like DH and want DH to succeed … then would customers be willing to help foot the bill to get them into a super reliable peering location INSIDE PAIX or other hyper-connected data center?

This is the tough part about building any company, but especially networking companies. Everyone wants super low prices, but they also want super high reliability. Problem is, that’s generally an inverse relationship. Having built a network or three in my day, my tendency is to cheer on the DH team and hope they can find a way to keep the New Dream alive. Having also succeeded at times and failed at others, I also know that the outcome is never guaranteed.

In the end, the one thing that determines success or failure is CUSTOMERS. So listening to them and then responding is the wisest thing any growing company can ever do. returns returns returns

Dreamhost’s blog has already stated that their main data center is located with Switch and Data in The Garland Building in downtown L.A.

FIC is no doubt where their off-site status page is located.