One more day like that and I'm gone

Hi everyone,

I’ve been having too much email downtime and too regularly over the past week.

5 to 10 down times a day.

I hope the Dreamhost team is seriously planning to fix it, for I won’t have another week like that… I’m still in my 97 days money back guartantee and plan to use it.

Anyone has fresh news ?


Did you file a support ticket?
Though I suggest just leaving, as it sounds like you’ve already made up your mind.

Personally I’ve had no down time, just some load issues with welchs and they’re now moving me to another server :slight_smile:

I’m really hoping it comes back up before my boss gets to the office in an hour. It’s hard for me to complain because we’re nonprofit and they give us the top level for free :frowning:

Fifth support ticket of the day, all closed within 2 hours.

Problem coming up again shortly after though.

Can’t access webmail either…

My mind is not set yet, no hoster is perfect and I was pretty happy until now…


Everything is back to normal, I’m happy I can stay :slight_smile:


Having HUGE mail problems here too. :frowning:

Last week, could send mail (still can), but couldnt access the server to retrieve mail over our busiest periods. Had my staff shouting murder the whole day as email was down.

Now today - I can ACCESS the server and login, but NO FRIGGING MAIL COMES THROUGH… I’ve even sent myself a test mail and nothing… Can send mail though.

PLEASE - what do I do???


I see that my one mail account is receiving email, but the other domain’s email account is not. And trust it to be the domain I REALLY need to access and get email form. PLEASE help.


i’m having similar problems! I can login in to my webmail but i never have any emails in my inbox, despite having sent them to myself to test!

also randomly the emails i send from my gmail account don’t show up in the inbox, but when i use my hotmail address to check my webmail is working then it DOES still forward the mail to my forwarding address!

i’ve sent support a message about this. Does anyone have any idea what’s going on? It’s just that i desperately need my email to work, because i’m trying to set up a business!