One forum, two domains

I have multiple domains on my DH account, but I’m only going to be purchasing one license for my forum program. So the forum scripts can only be installed at one location. Is it possible, like, maybe with mod_rewrite or something, to make directories from the other domains all (transparently) point to the real forum installation?

The forums will actually exist at
A user goes to and is sent to, but still shows in the address bar.

I’ve searched through mod_rewrite tutorials and stuff, and tried various things with an .htaccess file, but I can’t seem to make it work.

Thanks in advance for any help.


An easy way would be to use subdomains for them, making and served from the same directory. You could possibly also accomplish the same thing by remapping /forums on the second site to the installed directory of the first site.

Either one of these may break things if the forum cares about its domain name for whatever reason.

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

out of curosity, what forum software are you using, and what benefits does it have to you to be worth paying for?

I’m just curious, not trying to be rude or anything.


I’m waiting for the next-gen downloadable product from Infopop to be released, which is going to replace both of their current downloadables (UBB classic & threads). If that turns out to be not what I want, I’m thinking about vBulletin. As for benefits, its not so much that I think the pay scripts are better than the free scripts, its more the fact that I’ve tried several of the freebie forums out there (phpbb, punbb, phorum, etc) and simply don’t like them. A lot of them are good, they’re just not my thing.


Wow, I didn’t even realize that DH had a control panel function to do that for me. That’s exactly what I wanted. Thanks much.