One-click wordpress

Hello I am new on the forum and I am a perfect beginner and I really enjoy DreamHost because it’s easy to follow usually. I have already registered few domains and installed Wordpress with one-click install without a problem. I then had one particular domain ( where I kept on receiving errors (errors reported on this forum already).

I tried to “mysqldatabse/delete DB”; and I also went on the FTP and saw the Index, but I was stuck there (I saw no “delete” possibility, no menu, no delete button). That’s how of a beginner I am!

For me (with no knowledge) to be able to re-install Wordpress I had to add a what I think is called a “subdirectory”? well, I added another word after the slash bar when you follow the click-install instructions (i added a “wp” after Then it was a success and it became a database #3. I then deducted that there were 2 first databases (that are still not accessible to me) even if previously I look under “manage domain applications” and that it did not appear, as if no application was installing.

Now those 2 first databases should be deleted, I suppose.

After reading and trying to search about it, well, I have absolutely no clue how to physically 1) find and 2) erase these databases and directories.

After the #3 database installed, I returned to FTP and saw no differences; I was expecting to find a directory to look like “” since I added the “wp”. I verified and now under “manage domain applications” appears.

What steps should I take now? Erasing the 2 first databases (I can’t see)? Remain as is?

Please send me a reply written for dummies :smiley:
thank you for your help!

When you create a database automatically, it seems like it remembers them. So even if you have deleted your first two data bases, the third will still be names with _3 on the end. As for the other problems you are having, it seems like there are issues with the 1 click install. The first day I got an account I installed around 4 or 5 different things to check out the back end. I had no problems. I decided to go with Wordpress for my needs and it has failed every time since. Which kind of stinks because I haven’t found within the menus a file transfer method via the Panel like have I have seen on other host. Just means I will be a little more of a pain to do things other than my own computer if I need to. Hope some of this helps.

Thank you for your reply mattweed9 :slight_smile:
I have solved my problem with a mixture of actions.
On Dreamhost:

  • I deleted my database (DB) and all other files on MySQL.
  • I noticed that the security certificate was making the problem (a lot of error messages / page couldn’t be found, etc. / I have print-screened all error pages). I deleted the security certificate.
    On my FTP:
  • Renamed my website “” (cause I couldn’t erase all content… can’t figure why)
    -Created a new directory for my website ""
    Back to Dreamhost:
  • I installed wp one-click
  • created a new user name / password)
  • it worked.
    Believe me, I am nooo web-geek! I work full time as a legal assistant in a mega-lawfirm and I also happen to have a small business photos/videos; let’s say I know a couple of softwares (Microsoft and Adobe), but that’s it.
    It took me 4 nights in a roll to find out / test / fix the problem.

I did fix the problem in the night of April 23-24… and well, am back from the office now, and so far so good!

I love the templates of WP… :smiley: