One-click web site advice


I’m setting up a web site for a small S-Corp. I’d like to be able to use one of the one-click installs that dreamhost offers like wordpress.

My needs are pretty simple.

  • sparse home page with menus/links to other sections.
  • public about page.
  • private blog oriented pages for meeting minutes, links to files, proposals, etc. I like the blog idea because it allows for member comments.
  • membership is admin controlled. no unauthorized registration.

The private section needs to have a login/auth mechanism that will timeout or close after a reasonable amount of time.

I’ve tried working with wordpress. The problem with them is that there doesn’t seem to be any plugins for logging in to private areas. The built in “password” option for a page is a no-go as it doesn’t expire and doesn’t allow for flushing.

I’d rather not have to customize the code myself as it becomes very hard to maintain or update.


  • cedub