One Click vs Installed Wordpress


I just chose the “one click” install version of Wordpress and, among other things, this version says I don’t have permission to install plugins. Does that make any sense?

If I want full functionality do i need to install WP myself? Assuming I do, how do I uninstall the “one click” version?


You used the Easy One-Click. The Advanced One-Click lets you upload plugins.

In the same section you used to create the Easy One-Click, there should be a listing of it along with the option to delete it. Once it’s deleted, you’ll need to go to Manage Domains and Add a new domain as Fully Hosted. Once that’s done, go back to One-Clicks and used the Advanced Section to install WordPress into your Fully Hosted Domain.

Thanks Scott!

Any idea if that will skunk the posts I’ve already written?


No. It should retain all of your content as long as your configuration on the new site is properly set up with URLs, directories, and database config info in wp-admin’s General Settings and the wp-config file.

I wonder if we can ‘stickie’ posts like this, or encourage DH to make this more obvious. It seem that there are at least 3-4 posts per week about the issue of one-click installs vs advanced installs…