One-click Upgrades Aren't Happening

RE: WordPress…

While they say they will happen within 5-10 minutes, they aren’t happening in (at least) hours. They may not be happening at all, but I’ve only waited hours before posting this message.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Similarly, Joomla is showing that it is “Upgrading to 1.5.22” with the little clock icon, however, I have not told it to upgrade and the current settings are (and always have been) to notify me, NOT to upgrade.

Any suggestions or shared similar experiences would be appreciated.



Same issue with Wordpress updates.
It’s been a couple hours in the queue for me now…

Good to know I’m not alone.

I just tried rebooting my Virtual Private Server (VPS) and that did nothing to resolve the issue.

Still waiting…


I just opened a support ticket, but will be away from the office most of tonight. But I will try to check in and let you know what they say. I hate to open a ticket - I bet they are bombed with them.

Just found this:

No solutions in that thread, however.

Looks like Dreamhost is VERY anxious for us to get our installations upgraded, but has somehow managed to make this automated task something that barely runs.

Upgrades just started happening for me. It was about 11 hours between when I triggered the upgrade and when it actually happened. Two of my sites I took care of using the built-in WordPress upgrade capability. When doing it manually, the upgrade was done within 30 seconds - quite literally. So I will probably not be using the Dreamhost upgrade feature (at least for WordPress).

Shortly after I opened a ticket - DH techs forced the upgrades to apply. :slight_smile: